Course Duration: 6 weeks

Timing: Monday,
Wednesday, Friday (6pm – 8pm)

Rs. 25,000

Sir Hasan Razi

Mr S.R.Hasan, commonly known as Sir Hasan Razi, is Master’s in English Literature, with more than 20 years’ teaching experience to his credit. As an IELTS teacher he has 13 years’ teaching, having taught hundreds of students. He is a member of British Council IELTS Programme, and he has been trained by the British Council as an IELTS teacher.

He has a major dexterity in giving training to various company staff in the faculty of English Communication, Office Correspondence, Writing skills, Interview preparation and Image building strategies. He is always praised by his students, since he possesses a unique quality to facilitate his aspiring students who strive to learn from him.

Besides teaching IELTS, he has been teaching O/A level subjects, particularly, English as his specialized faculty that he signifies the most. Other than teaching he is a professional writer, having main interest in human behavior, philosophy, current affairs and psychology. He has also worked as concept writer in a couple of advertising companies. Mr Hasan ever strives to facilitate his aspiring students with his optimum acumen in imparting knowledge to them, and his students really like him as a dedicated and sincere teacher, who is always concerned about their better grades and bright future. He loves to teach his students with full motivation and devotion; the main reason behind his students’ admiring him.




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